Western Blotting System

Western Blotting System Manufacturers:- Microsil Offers a complete range of Western or Immuno Blotting is the transfer of separated Proteins in a gel to the surface of a thin support membrane matrix. The Proteins are bound and immobilized on the membrane. Southern and Northern blotting involves the transfer of separate DNA and RNA, respectively, from a gel to a membrane. To perform a transfer, the gel is layered next to a membrane and placed in a voltage gradient perpendicular to the gel. Negatively charged molecules will migrate out from the gel, move towards the positive electrode, and get deposited on the membrane. We offer all different type of models for different applications like Mini, Mini Dual, Midi, Midi Dual & Customized Wet Blots etc.

Advantages of Blotting Apparatus:

Easy access of proteins or nucleic acids on a blot for further analysis.
Faster analysis of proteins on the blots as protein diffusion is minimized.

Model LIC-02
Dimensions 15 x 11.5 x 12cm (LxBxH)
Gel Holder Cassette 2 Nos
Buffer Volume 650 ml
Gel Size 8 x 7 cm (2 Gels)
Connecting Cord Red & Black (One Each)
Electrode Material Platinum Anode (99.9% Pure)
No. of Platinum Electrodes Anode and Cathode (One Each)
Foam Pad 12 Nos
Buffer Chamber with Safety Lid 1 No.
Instruction Manual 1 No.

A Western Blotting System is a powerful tool in molecular biology that helps scientists study and identify specific proteins in a blood or tissue sample. It’s like a detective kit for proteins. By using this system, researchers can separate proteins based on their size and then detect them with special markers. This helps us understand how proteins work, what they do, and how they might be involved in various diseases.

Working on the Western Blotting System,

1. Sample Preparation: This is where you start. You collect the proteins you want to study from your sample, like a piece of tissue.
2. Gel Electrophoresis: Now, you put these proteins in a gel, which is like a soft and squishy jelly. An electric current is applied, and the proteins move through the gel based on their size. It’s like proteins taking a size-based obstacle course.
3. Transfer: After the race through the gel, the proteins need to be moved onto a special paper-like membrane. This is done carefully so that the proteins stay in the same order as they were in the gel.
4. Blocking: This step is like preparing the paper for the protein detectives. It ensures that the paper doesn’t stick to unwanted things.
5. Antibody Detection: Special molecules called antibodies are used. These are like tiny flags that attach to specific proteins, making them easy to find.
6. Visualizing: To see the proteins, you add a color-changing substance that reacts with the antibodies. It’s like shining a spotlight on the proteins you’re interested in.
7. Analysis: Finally, you look at the paper. The spots of color show where your proteins are, and their intensity gives an idea of how much of each protein is there.

Benefits and uses of the Western Blotting System.


• Detects specific proteins in a sample accurately.
• Offers insights into protein presence and quantity.
• Provides valuable information about protein interactions and functions.
• Can identify even small amounts of proteins.
• Enables researchers to study changes in protein levels over time.


• Research tools in biology and medicine
• Helps understand diseases by analyzing protein changes.
• Confirms the presence of specific proteins in samples.
• Quality control in medical and research settings
• Contributes to drug development and diagnostics.

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