Water Distillation Unit, N.P.L. Design Single Stage


Model: MIC0007

Automatic electrically heated all glass distillation unit, N.P.L. Design, heater embedded in spiral glass tube complete with C.I. heavy base, SS Rod, Clamps, Boards etc.

Electrical Connections:

Connect the wires provided for the connection at the bottom of the other open end at the back of the automatic Cutt-Off Device.

Place the low water sensor in the open top over flow cup of the first stage in such a manner that both wires connected to the sensor are immersed in the cup.

Connect the mains cable of the Cut-Off device to the mains socket and switch on the wall socket. The mains light will glow.

Turn the top on to fill the flask of the first stage. Once the heaters of the flasks of the first stage are immersed in water, switch on the heater-1 on the Cut-Off device. Once the wires from the sensor are dipped on the water the heater will be heater will be switched on. If the water level drops in the flask the Cut-Off device will switch of the unit.

Let the first stage unit run for sufficient time such that the heaters in the second stage flask are also immersed in water. One the heaters are immersed in water of the second stage flask, switch on the Heater-2 button the Cut-Off device.

The output of the second stage will be double distilled and may be collected as desired.



Model No. Capacity (Approx) Output (Total)
MIC0007A 3 ltr/hr 1ltr/hr
MIC0007B 5 ltr/hr 1ltr/hr
MIC0007C 10 ltr/hr 1ltr/hr
MIC0007D 20 ltr/hr 1.5 ltr/hr
MIC0007E 60 ltr/hr 3 ltr/hr



Model No. Capacity (Approx) Output (Total)
MIC0008F 3 ltr/hr 1ltr/hr
MIC0007G 5 ltr/hr 1ltr/hr
MIC0007H 10 ltr/hr 1ltr/hr
MIC0007I 20 ltr/hr 1.5 ltr/hr
MIC0007J 60 ltr/hr 3 ltr/hr

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