Vortex Shaker


It is widely used In life science. physical and chemical analysis fields, for vigorous re-suspension of cells or chemical pellets. It is suitable for 0.2m1 to 50ml micro tubes and test tubes or small containers less then 108mm diameter.


⦁ Continuous and touch operation
⦁ Adjustable speed – Range from 300 to 4200 Rpm
⦁ Brushless DC motor for maintenance Free long time
⦁ Digital Dual display for Speed and time
⦁ Orbital diameter of 4mm
⦁ Built in counter balance for steady and smooth operation
⦁ Time setting From 1 to 999 minutes for continuous operation
⦁ programmable PULSE mode
⦁ Broad range of optional accessories

Product Model LIC-82 LIC-81
Rotating Speed RPM 300 to 4200 300 to 4200
Time 1 to 999 minutes and infinite 1 to 999 minutes and infinite
Increment / Decrement 10 rpm 10 rpm
Pulse Mode Adjustable Adjustable
Operation Mode Touch/Continuous Speed Regulation
Orbital diameter 4mm 4mm
Max. Load Capacity 500g 500g
Protection Class IP21 IP21
Rated Voltage 24v 1.5 amp 24v 1.5 amp
Rated Power 20W 20W
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Ambient Temperature 5 to 40° C 5 to 40° C
Maximum Humidity 80% 80%
Net Weight 2.7 Kg( approx) 500 gm( approx)

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