Universal Laboratory Centrifuge Brushless 20000 rpm MIC-24BL

It is a high capacity, high speed bench top Laboratory Centrifuge Machine. Premium Model with brushless induction motor maintenance free, microprocessor based. Maximum speed 20000 rpm. with 12 x 2ml rotor head. Square M S body duly powder coated. Hydraulic lid with electronic lid lock. Fitted with 1-99 minutes countdown timer, digital rpm meter.  Prices  are without rotor head.

Rotor Head for T-24BL                                                             

  • Angle Head 12×1.5ml. (Max. Speed on the head 20000 rpm.)
  • Angle Head 24×1.5ml. (Max. Speed on the head16000 rpm.)
  • Angle Head 6x50ml. (Max. Speed 13000 rpm.)
  • Angle Head 4x100ml. (Max. Speed 13000 rpm.)
  • Angle Head 8x15ml. (Max Speed 13000 rpm.)
  • Angle Head 8x50ml. (Max. Speed 12000 rpm.)
  • Angle Head 12x15ml. (Max. Speed 12000 rpm.)

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