Slit Lamp Microscope

Product Description

a sturdy stand with fluid mechanical movement provides ergonomic benefits for hours of use. Apochromatic optics provide the clearest possible view of the anterior and posterior segments of the patient’s eye.

The SLx 40 is a nimble system that puts diagnostic essentials at the fingertips of eye care professionals. this microscope delivers all the performance features of the SLx 45 in optical and mechanical performance, but with a more compact illumination system. this ensures that SLx 40 provides doctors with greater space efficiency. the SLx 45 delivers ultimate value with a well-designed 3-step optical system and an efficient 20W tower style illumination system.

Labomed’s maxlitetm coated optics, standard in all SLx series Slit-lamps, yield crisp and detailed images. maxlitetm coatings provide the highest throughput of light, thanks to superb anti-reflective properties. these optics are anti- fungal, anti-fog and scratch resistant in addition to producing true-to-life resolution.

Labomed SLx Series Slit lamps are sturdy intruments built with fluidity in movement and ergonomics to benefit hours of use.

The SLx series accessories provide an array of options based on the needs of the doctor’s practice. iOp readings are available with the addition of a tonometer. a host of beam splitters and adapters make it possible to integrate third party cameras.

For doctors who want a complete digital solution, Labomed’s iVu SL system provides a 5-megapixel camera module for still image. the iVu SL is designed specifically for the Six series to provide superior digital documentation.

All optics are lead free and all paints used have antimicrobial additives that prevent the growth of bacteria on contact surfaces, ensuring a healthier working environment. all parts in contact with patient are anti- toxic and anti-irritation.

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