Seed Germinator


No of chamber            One

Inside chamber           Stainless steel

Outside chamber        Painted Steel

Display                         LED Display

Light                             LED Lights for lighting

Light Level                  Off, 50% &100%

Trays                            Adjustable SS Perforated trays

Humidity                     Natural humidity 50% to 90%

Temperature               10°C – 50°C ± 1°C

Compressor                 Hermetically sealed type of standard makes

Operating Voltage      220V, 50Hz AC

  • Customize cabinet to your specific requirement
  • Easy to operate to your specific requirements
  • Castors fitted for ease of mobility
  • Adjustable shelves and self-closing doors
  • Stainless steel internal liner which is corrosive resistant and easy to clean

Laboratory seed-germinators include seed-walk-in chambers to perform the seeding process. When it comes to seed propagation, incubation, germination, and testing for development, a seed germination machine is essential. This apparatus regulates environmental factors including temperature, humidity, and light to produce optimal seeding conditions.

Seed Germinator Manufacturer in India

Microsil India is one of the leading seed germinator manufacturers in India. In laboratory testing, the conditions in these chambers are ideal for germination of seeds. Stainless steel and powder-coated mild steel are used in the sturdy construction of these devices. The inside compartment may be wiped down with ease. Self-closing doors and adjustable shelves make this device highly usable. The tempered glass used in the inner door makes it easy to examine the contents. Stainless steel is used for the shelves, and the user can alter the height to suit their needs.

Seed Germination Principle

The purpose of seed germination is to determine the viability of the seed. To elaborate, we measure the success rate of a crop by monitoring the percentage of seeds that germinate. The germination rate of a batch of seeds is a useful metric for planting, labeling, and certification.

• Corrosive Resistant
• Easy to clean and operate
• Self-closing doors and adjustable shelves
• The inner chambers are made up of stainless steel and the outer chamber with painted steel
• Digital display for temperature and humidity
• Precise test results

• Botany
• Agricultural Industries
• Microbiology
• Crop Genetic Engineering
• Forestry research

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