Seed Blower


Technical Specificaton :

Size :       48x56x86 cm. (APPROX.) without tube

Motor :    0.50 H.P Single Phase

Tube Set(small) :    4.6cm. dia x 93cm length approx.

7.6cm. dia x 93cm length approx.

Tube set(large)  :   10cm. dia x 93cm height approx.

Description :

MICROSIL Seed Blower utilizing accurately controlled air flowthrough the air column by calibrated valve cap on the top of thecolumn. With provision for automatic timber cut off for operation andshall have 3 column size to accommodate various sizes foragriculture and vegetable seeds. The equipment is complete with allstandard features including suitable meter for operation on 220-230volts, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.


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