Seed Blower South Dakota Type

Technical Specification:

Size                       48x56x86 Cm (Approx.) Without tube

Motor                     0.50 H. P Single Phase

Tube Set (small)      4.6cm Día x93cm Length Approx. & 7.6cm x dia x93cm, Length Approx.

Tube Set (Large)     0cm, Dia x 93cm Height Approx.

Seed Blower utilizing accurately controlled air flow through the air column by calibrated valve cap on the top of the column. With provisions for automatic timer cut off for the operation and shall have 3 columns size to accommodate various sizes for agricultural and vegetables seeds. The equipment is complete with all standard features including suitable meter for operation on 220-230 volts, single phase, 50Hz AC supply

This south Dakota seed blower is designed to handle a wide variety of seeds types. Small seeds like rye grass brome, red top, blue grass, legumes, small cereal grains ( up to 5 grams ) require the small tube and the seeds cup, bulkier seeds such As wheat grass, grains, Grass Legumes, corn and  soybean  etc. ( 10grams) use the large tube and seed cup, it  utilizes airflow thorough a column generated by a blower motor combination an air- regulating gate to control the airflow will increase or decrease the flow of air in relation to each turn of the hand wheel, allowing for greater uniformity

Aeparation are accurately controlled by calibrated valve cap in the top of the column

Air column are precision built to trap lightweight seed and chaff, collecting pure seed in the ‘ cup’’ located at the bottom of the column . the cup has a wire mesh bottom top prevent seed from falling in to the fan

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