Rotary Vacuum Evaporator



The technology comes in handy to separate solvents in a mixture and our product provides an exceptionally high bath volume of 4L. Keeping intricacies in mind, the product has designed to make it available for a diverse range of organic, pharmaceutical, F&B, chemical and analytical labs. present- day concerns, the product is constructed to save bench-space and unfailingly confirm to standards. This Model detailed to have microprocessor-based controllers, programmable temperature controller, and with a vivid FND display, our evaporators stand out to give the finest and clearcut precise performance

Silent Features:

  • μ Processor Based Controls = Programmable Temp. Controls
  • Accurate RPM Control = Brilliant Fixed Numeric display for Temp.
  • Confirms To Standards = Ergonomically Designed To Save Bench Space

Technical Specification:

Rotational Speed 20-280 RPM
Timer NA 99:59(HH:MM)
Display Temp.(FND) 16×2 α- Numeric LCD
Temprature Ambient to 180°C (ACC. 2° ±C
Bath Cap. 4 Ltr.
Power 220/230 VAC , 50 Hz
Dimension (MM) 815x405x890(LxBxH approx)
Weight (Approx) 19.525 Kg(approx)

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