Revolutionary General Purpose Lab. Centrifuge Digital CM-101

Square MS body duly powder coated. Lid is double walled light weight made of ABS plastic injection moulding. Fitted with microprocessor based 2 lines 16 characters LCD pannel for 1-99 minutes countdown timer, digital rpm meter and programmable speed. controller.

Rotor Head for Models CM 101

  1. 16x15ml, Swing Out Head
  2. 12x15ml, Swing Out Head
  3. 8x15ml, Swing Out Head
  4. 4x50ml, Swing Out Head
  5. 24 x 15ml Angle Head
  6. 16 x 15ml Angle Head
  7. 12 x15ml, Angle Head
  8. 8 x15ml, Angle Head
  9. 6 x50ml Angle Head
  10. 4x100ml Angle Head
  11.  6 x 50ml Swing Out Head

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