Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine

Product Specifications:
Product Type: Centrifuge Brushless
Usage: Hospital
Color: Grey and Black
Material: Plastic
Type: High Speed Centrifuges
Centrifugal Compressor: Single Stage
Speed: 20000 RPM
Warranty: Yes

Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine Manufacturers in India

A Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine is a high-tech device used in labs and medical settings to spin samples at super-fast speeds. Well, it uses cold temperatures to keep samples chilled during the spinning process. This helps separate different parts of a mixture, like blood or DNA, based on their weight. These machines are like sorting wizards, making scientists’ work easier by separating stuff for research, testing, and medical purposes.

The Workings of a Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine

A Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine works like a speedy merry-go-round for tiny stuff. Imagine placing tubes filled with mixtures, like blood or chemicals, inside. When it starts spinning fast, the heavy bits get pushed to the bottom, while the lighter parts move towards the top. What’s cool is that it also keeps things cold while spinning! This spinning action helps scientists separate different components, making it super handy in labs and hospitals for various experiments and tests.

Exploring the Diverse Applications of Refrigerated Centrifuge Machines

Here are some applications of the Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine in simple, human-generated terms:

1. Biomedical Research: Separates DNA, proteins, and cells for studying diseases and finding treatments.
2. Clinical Diagnostics: Helps hospitals analyze blood samples to diagnose illnesses or monitor health.
3. Pharmaceuticals: Assist in drug development by separating and purifying compounds.
4. Biochemistry: Essential for isolating molecules for biochemical studies.
5. Food Science: Used to analyze food components for quality control and safety checks.
6. Environmental testing: Helps in analyzing pollutants in water or soil samples for research and regulatory purposes.
7. Industrial Applications: Assists in various industries like oil, cosmetics, and more in separating substances for production.

The Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine’s versatility makes it invaluable across scientific, medical, and industrial fields.

The Advanced Features of the T-20BL Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine

The Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine, model T-20BL, is a high-tech marvel packed with user-friendly features. Its brushless motor ensures durability without the need for carbon maintenance, running at an impressive 20,000 rpm speed. This premium model, designed as per global standards, sports a stainless steel protective bowl for enhanced safety. Its microprocessor-based LCD panel offers a countdown timer from 0 to 99 minutes, displays rpm accurately, and allows programmable speed control. The machine includes a dynamic brake, electronic lid lock, imbalance detector, and memory for 10 different programs, ensuring versatile and efficient use in labs and research facilities.

Operating and Maintaining Your Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine: Simple Steps

Using a Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine:

1. Preparation: Load samples evenly in centrifuge tubes.
2. Set Parameters: Input the desired time, speed, and temperature.
3. Close Lid: Securely shut the lid for safety measures.

Maintaining a Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine:

1. Regular Cleaning: Wipe surfaces and rotors after each use.
2. Scheduled Maintenance: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for servicing.
3. Balance Samples: Ensure equal weight distribution for accurate spins.

Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine Manufacturer in India

We, Microsil India, stand tall as a premier Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine Manufacturer in India. With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to quality, we craft centrifuge machines that meet global standards. Our products ensure precise separation and are equipped with innovative features like digital controls and robust construction. The trust of our clients and our dedication to excellence solidify our position as a trusted leader in the industry, offering reliable and efficient centrifuge solutions.

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