Portable Leaf Area Meter

Product Description

Model: MIC-LAM8

  • Measurement function: it can measure the blade length, width, aspect ratio, perimeter, area, shape factor, shape factor, ambient temperature, etc.
  • Bluetooth App functions: transfer data, upgrade hardware programs, and return longitude and latitude to the instrument.
  • Data viewing: historical data and blade shape in the equipment memory can be browsed.
  • Time function: the equipment has time and date functions, which can save the measurement time with the measurement data.


Technical Parameter:-

  • Operation humidity :  0%~100 %RH(Frost free)
  • Working Temperature :  0~40℃
  • LCD :  480*854 RGB interface display
  • Battery :  5AH, rechargeable lithium-lion battery, 16h end urance
  • Max scan length :  3000 mm
  • Max effective scanning width: 210 mm
  • Scanning speed :  150mm/s

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