Pathological Spine Model


Product Description

QUALITY PVC MATERIAL — Made of high-quality PVC material with color for easy learning

DETAILED STRUCTURE — This high-quality classic human spine model has medicine details and a clear structure

TEACHING PRESENTATION — Very suitable for use as a school teaching tool for learning and presentation

LABORATORY EXHIBITION — It can also be used as a collection to decorate your lab, Height: approx. 45cm / 17.7in

MEDICAL STUDYING TOOL — Detailed description of all the main features of each spine, including the spine, nerve roots, vertebral artery, inter-vertebral disc, spine and transverse spine, femur, can be used for medicine, exhibitions, art sketches and so on


Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Types Shoulder Joint Model
Material PVC
Size 40 Cm
Color Coloured
Usage/Application Medical College

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