Newtons Ring Microscope

Technical Specification: –

This instrument is a compact instrument with full arrangements for conducting Newton’s Ring Apparatus. A standard microscope with 30x magnification is provided with a rotatable cross line & the eye piece can be focused on individual requirements. The microscope tube unit can be raised or lowered & clamped at any desired position. The focusing of microscope is through rack & pinion. The longitudinal movement of the microscope saddle for the purpose of measurement of rings is done by rotating the drum provided. The 26 mm movement can be read by the scale & divided drum to 0.001 cm. This set consists of one optical flat glass & one plano convex lens (100 mm radius).
arranged inside a metal case resting over the stage of the equipment which is adjustable for the alignment of the measuring line. The condenser lens is provided in front of the reflector. In case the ring set is removed from the stage, the instrument can be used as a simple compact measuring microscope. Supplied in box.

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