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  Operation : Automatic microprocessor based.
Slide Staining Capacity: 200 -600 slide in one run .
Stations: 26 stations including 18 reagent stations and 5 wash stations of 450ml.
Slide Wash Stations : yes
Cylinder Capacity:300-600 ml.
Slide Dryer: yes
Infiltration Time: 1sec. to 59 minute 59 sec.
Programmable Memory: 20 programs.
Programming Step: up to 26 steps in one program
Display: tough screen / LCD screen with keypad.
Chamber illumination: yes
Exhaust Fan: yes
Operating Voltage: 110/220V @50/60 Hz
High throughput robotic Stainer for Multiple staining applications and should run up to 11 racks in parallel.
Staining of various different staining protocols including Haematoxylin-eosin and PAP stain should be available.
Solvent resistant touch/ keypad screen to monitor the staining process by using graphical process representation.
Integrated ovens, minimum of one with temperature setting from 30˚C to 65˚C for optimal slide drying is required.
Continuous loading and unloading of slides via rack entry and exit door should be available.
Can be have Suction cup filter system for automatic cover slipping.
Programmed for a minimum of 30 slides per batch and faciliate loading 1 to 30 slides per batch.
Specimen slide throughput of at least 200 slides per hour upto 600 slides per hour is required.
Agitation programmable from 0 to 20 times or continuous should be available
Programmable for 15 programs of up to 25 steps each with incubation time setting from 0 sec to 99 minutes 59 seconds. Programmable up and down movement of robotic arm should be available.
Fume extraction fan with charcoal filter to remove hazardous fumes should be available.
Gentle vibration to slide rack during lifting to reduce carry over contamination should be available.
Audible warning buzzer in case of any error during operation should be a feature of the equipment.
Can be integrated with automated cover slipper of same manufacturer.
Complete H& E Stainer for routine operations
Warranty: 2 years extended warranty can be provided on request.

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