Linear Air Track

Technical Specification: –

The Linear Air Track is designed for the study of linear motion under practically frictionless conditions.

It is used in experiments and demonstrations of topics such as: Newton’s Law, kinetic and potential energy, collisions, oscillatory motion, velocity, acceleration, conservation of momentum, motion on an inclined plane, conservation of mechanical energy, simple harmonic motion.

It is constructed from an extruded aluminium-alloy section, 2.25m long with equally spaced air holes. Two adjustable feet facilitate simple levelling. Two rows of fine holes provided on each side all along the length of the track through which jets of the air emanate to form air cushion on which the vehicles float under virtually frictionless conditions.

Linear Air Track is supplied complete with following accessories:

2 large vehicles (mass 400g, length 215mm)
1 small vehicle (mass 200g, length 100mm)
2 magnetic buffers (25mm diameter)
2 Plasticine holders (20mm diameter) with central hole
4 catapults (45mm wide) with slot for elastic band
3 steel buffers with central hole
4 elastic cords (220mm long) with plastic rings
1 reel of nylon thread
2 white plastic rods (4mm diameter 150mm long) for stroboscope photography
24 needles for use with steel buffer
20 white plain cards for interrupting light beams
1 reel rubber stand
1 pack of Plasticine
20 elastic bands

Air Blower is designed specifically to be used with the Air Track, Supplied complete with hose, adaptor and mains lead. Operates on 220-240V AC mains, 50/60Hz.

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