Kjeldahl Digestion Apparatus

Kjeldahl Digestion Apparatus

Kjeldahl Digestion Unit ‘Supplied complete with heating shelf and fum duct.The heaters have individual heavy duty switches with an energy regulator to control the heat and each draws approximately 500 watts.The height of the shelf is adjustable and can accommodate kjeldahl flasks of 300, 500 and 800 ml. holes are provided on 4″ dia. Fume duct, 6″apart to accommodate necks of flasks. it is provided with drip tube at one end to drain condensed acid. A pair of hanger and supports are supplied with each duct but furnished without glass parts suitable for operation on 230 volts AC/DC.


  1. Unit for 3 tests with three energy regulators. 1001/02
  2. Unit for 6 tests with six energy regulators. 1001/04
  3. Flask Kjeldahl 300 ml. 1001/13
  4. Flask Kjeldahl 500 ml. 1001/14
  5. Flask Kjeldahl 800 ml. 1001/15


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