Integrated Type 1,2,3 Water Purification System

Dura-Q Premium Series


  • Three stage Integrated pretreatment module of 10µ/5µ/1µ/0.5µ/iron filter, activated carbon, antiscalant,enough to protect and enhance the life of the precious cartridges.
  • High recovery upto 60% of water with polyamide T.F.C.membrane double RO Pass
  • Most economical ultra pure water purification system comparing to other systems in the market
  • Ionic and Organic Rejection/Removal: >99%

Feed Water Specifications:

Potable Tap water with pressure  0.5 kg to 1.5 Kg (1-6 bar or better), Conductivity: upto 2000µS/cm, Chlorine:<3ppm, SDI <12, TOC<2000ppb, CO2: < 50ppm, Silica  <30ppm, Temperature: 4 to 40 Degree C,  Flow rate: up to 75 L/hr, Drain: > 90L/hr, System  include Pre-Filtration Cartridge (1,5 & 10 µ ) with Booster Pump and 01 Bio filter (point-of-use Biofilter of 0.2micron) to remove residual biologically active contaminants



Water Purification System Model: Dura-Q Premium
Display 5.7” TFT /LED/LCD Display
Product Water Type-I/Type-II/Type-III
Type-I Grade Water Specifications:-
Resistivity 18.2 at 25°C
Conductivity 0.05µS/cm
TOC <5ppb*
Particulates (>0.1µm&<0.22µm) <1/ml
Bacteria (1cfu/100ml) <0.01cfu/ml
Endotoxins/ Pyrogens (EU/ml) <0.001
RNase (ng/ml) <0.001
DNase (pg/µl) <0.005
Dispense Rate (Programmable) > 2L/min
UF Membrane (NMWL/MWCO) 5000
End Point Filter 0.2,0.1µ (EFA: 250cm/260cm )
Type-II Grade Water Specifications:-
Resistivity 10-15 at 25°C
Conductivity 0.1- 0.06µS/cm
Dispense Rate (Programmable) upto 2L/min
TOC <20ppb***
Particulates (>0.1µm &<0.2µm) <1/ml
Bacteria (cfu/10ml) <0.1cfu/ml
Deionization Mixed Bed Resins/EDI****
Type-III Grade Water Specifications:-
Conductivity <20µS/cm***
Product Flow Rate (L/hr) 5/10/15/20/25/30
Tank Integrated/ Inbuilt
Feed/RO/% Rejection Monitoring Yes Yes
Cell Constant K= 0.01/0.1/1.0

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