Gel Electrophoresis Horizontal

Gel Electrophoresis Unit,  Model: GEPH-08

Mini horizontal, Submarine with combs. Unit is moulded in single piece to ensure leak proof operation. Made of transparent Polycarbonate. 99.9% pure platinum wire is used in electrode.

Gel Electrophoresis equipment plays a crucial role in separating and analyzing molecules based on their size and charge.

How does it work?

When an electric current is sent through a gel, the charged molecules within it move.
The gel is given a positive charge at one end and a negative charge at the other. When the charged molecules move it is basically called the migration of molecules and they migrate towards opposite charges. As the adage goes opposite attracts, the negatively charged molecules will attract positively charged ones.

The gel is made up of a porous matrix, which is a bit like a sponge and lets molecules move through it when an electric current is run through it.

Smaller molecules move through the gel more quickly than bigger fragments, which move more slowly and will only move a shorter distance because of this. So, the molecules are put into groups based on how big they are.

Gel Electrophoresis Manufacturers

Microsil India provides Gel Electrophoresis equipment in vertical and horizontal form

Key components of Gel Electrophoresis systems

• Gel Tray: The gel tray is a platform that holds the gel during electrophoresis. It usually has slots or wells for loading samples.
• Gel Casting System: This component is used to create the gel. It includes a gel casting tray and a comb to create wells for sample loading.
• Electrophoresis Power Supply: The power supply provides the electric current required to move the charged molecules through the gel.
• Buffer Chamber: The buffer chamber holds the running buffer, a conductive solution that fills the gel tray and allows the electric current to flow evenly.
• Electrodes: There are two electrodes, the cathode (negative) and the anode (positive), which are placed at each end of the gel tray to create an electric field.
• Sample Loading Wells: These wells are created using the gel comb and are used to load the samples onto the gel.
• Running Buffer: The running buffer is an electrolyte solution that facilitates ion migration through the gel during electrophoresis.

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