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Stand : Single mold sturdy stand with anti rust materials. Extended base for better stability.
Microscope body : Upright Microscope is the necessary components /accessories required for Bright field, Phase contrast, and dark field (up-to 40 X) and upgradable to Fluorescence with 06 position turret.
Eyepiece : Wide Field Eyepiece 10x (PAIRED) FOV 25 mm anti-fungal with Rubber eye guard. The eye piece tube interpupillary distance should be 50-75 mm.
Nosepiece : Reverse angle sextuple nosepiece revolves on ball bearing with positive indexing with 6 position slots . Soft rubber knurled grip on nosepiece.
Observation Head : Siedentopf observation head inclined at 30º rotatable at 360º.Interpupillary distance adjustable between 55-75mm.Diopter adjustment ring on ocular provides correction for eye acuity. The eyepiece tube have 3-way trinocular tube (light distribution of 100:0/20:80/0:100) for observation and camera with 25FOV.
Objective : High performance objective with FOV 25mm or higher;
CCIS Fluor Plan Achromatic objective 4x.
CCIS Fluor Plan Achromatic objective 10x.
CCIS Fluor Plan Achromatic objective 40x (SL).
CCIS Fluor Plan Achromatic objective 100x (SL) Oil Immersion.
Stage : Double Plate Mechanical stage with Size 187 mm x 167 mm, supported on ball bearing guide ways and having low positioned co-axial controls for stage movement. Mechanical- ceramic stage plate with Vernier calibration with two slide holding capacity. It is provision to adjust handle height and torque.
Excitation Filter : Module Set Green(520nm-530nm), Blue (460nm-470nm), Violet (V),Ultra Violet UV
Illumination : EPI Fluorescent Illumination System 5-14W high brightness LED. Enable selecting monochromatic or bi-chromatic LED for light source, every monochromatic LED wave bend. Illumination: Transmitted light 5-14 watt or higher LED light source having long life span ≥ 50,000 hrs with uniform illumination.
Focusing : Co-axial focusing control with ball bearing guide ways & large knobs, pre focusing lever & tension adjustment ring. The slow motion has 1DIV=0.002mm.
Condenser : Universal turret type phase condenser to perform Bright field/ Phase/ DF application.Swing out front lens NA 0.9/1.25 filter holder & IRIS diaphragm.
Transmitted Illumination : System Blue filter and ground glass collector for LED illumination and integrated field diaphragm.brightness adjustable with Epi Fluoresecence attachment Sliding type housing: Blue excitation filter- BP460-490, DM570, Ba520 Green Excitation filter- BP 510-550, DM570, Ba590 UV/V Filter- D360/40x 400DCLP, D460/50m. Transmitted light source: 10W LED bulb integrated field diaphragm. Epi-fluorescence illumination through 100 watt mercury vapour lamp, high voltage spherical, induction power supply with timer and current rating. Protection barrier
Power : power supply AC adapter , power connector.
Packaging Contents : Power Cord, User Instruction Manual, Dust Cover, STYROFOAM molded box.
Optional Acessories : Camera with Software & compatible
Warranty Information : 2 Years warranty. Extended warranty can be provided on request.

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