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    Open top cryostat Motorized Feed Drive.
Moved using steering castor with locking screws.
Anti-roll device.
Programmable “Memory Function” for fast and automatic retrieval of a pre stored start position of sectioning.
    Dual Compressor for rapid freezing. Freezing bar with station down to -35oC for storage of specimen chucks.
    Arbitrary Switching between trimming & Sectioning.
    Adjustable cutting angle.
    Portable using steering castors with locking screw.
    UV surface Sterilization.
    Large cooling chamber with plan surface and draining system, easy to clean and disinfect.
    Automatic and time controlled defrosting.
    Blade Holder for finger safety.
    Fluorescent lamp illumination of cryo chamber with separate on/off switch.
    Enclosed drainage system.
Section counter.
Rotary microtome with reliable stepper motor technology for reproducible motor thickness.
Motorized handwheel movement provided in two speeds with 600µm/s & 900µm/s
Operating temperature range +5 °C to +35 °C.
Storage temperature range +5 °C to +55 °C.
European CE ISO Certified.
Frost free encapsulated microtome assembly.
Automatic 24-h-defroster with interrupt key.
Visible operating parameters at all times.
User friendly control panel.
Sufficient storage space inside the cooling chamber with removable section waste trays and brush shelves.
LED touch screen which display data such as section thickness,Section counter, temperature & other parameters, remaining travel to the front-end position. Touchpad keyboard for rapid selection and adjustment of function, including 10 to 12 minutes specimen fast freez function.
Section Thickness Range : 1µm-60µm
Setting Values                        : 1µm-10µm in 1µm increments.
                                                10µm-20µm in 2µm increments
                                                20µm-60µm in 5µm increments.
Trimming Thickness Range    : 10µm-100µm in  10 µm increments.
Minimum Setting Value          : 1µm
Vertical stroke                          : 65mm
Specimen horizontal feed        : 25mm
Motorized coarse feed              : 480 µm/sec.
Specimen retraction                : 5-75 µm, in 1 µm increments.
Specimen Orientation              : x- and y-axes   : universal 8o
Cryo Chamber Temp                : +5 to -35oC Adjustable.
Cooling Downtime to -30degC : 60 mins.
Max. Specimen size               : 35x35mm.
Chamber Defrosting                  :            Programmable or manual.
Lowest Temp. of Peltier Unit : – 35oC.
No. of Freezing Stations : 10-12.
Voltage : 220V.

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