Automatic Water Distillation Equipment (Cabinet Model)

  • Designed with an inbuilt level sensor and cut-off device in case the water in the Boiler drops below the desired level.
  • Cleaning is easier due to the integral funnel that facilitates addition of acid to the Boiler and rota-flow stopcock for draining out sediments.
  • The unique design of the condenser ensures effective cooling and low distilled temperature.
  • The acrylic safety screen and cabinet lid are removable, enabling easy access to the glassware components.
Model No. MIC0011
Dist. Water output cap (Approx) (Ltr/hr) 4
Minimum cooling water requirement (Ltr/min) 2
Total Power consumed (Kw) 3
Conductivity (S/cm) <31 x 10°
Distillation Temp (°C) 65 – 75°C
Voltage (V) 230 – 250 V
Biological Activity Pyrogen Free
Heater Quartz
Boiler Borosilicate
Condenser Borosilicate

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