Automatic Microprocessor Based Digital Bomb Calorimeter



Key Features :-

  • Microprocesser Based Automatic Measurement Of Calorific Value.
  • Automatic Calculation Of Calorific Value And Water Equivalent.
  • 128×64 Glcd Display (Blue Colour).
  • Display.
  • Printer Inbuilt.
  • 16 Key Pad Soft Touch.
  • Weight Of Tablet Feedable.
  • Full Test Report Printout With Date And Time.
  • Alarm On Firing & After Test Completed.
  • Fuse Wire Open Indication.
  • Selectable Type Of Test Water Equivlent Test & Sample Test.
  • Temperature Resolution 0.001 Degree C
  • Pc Software Of Data Record.
  • Printout The Setting Value.
  • Soft Power On For System.


Used for determination of combustion of heat of calorific value of the fuel & other organic material. Designed as per specification of Institute of Petroleum BS 1016 standard IS no. 1350/1966.

Bomb Calorimeter Apparatus provide a simple and inexpensive method for determination of heat of combustion of organic matter and the calorific value of solid& liquid fuel. The outfit supplied is complete for analysis as per the methodrecommended by British Standard Institution. All parts of the outfit have beenfinished and tested according to the specification laid down by Institute of petroleumand British Standard Institute. It comes with all essential accessories like, Bomb,Calorimeter vessel with bomb support, water jacket, stirrer, AutomaticMicroprocessor unit etc.


Each Bomb is tested before it leave the factory in accordance with requirements of the institutes of petroleum (I.P.12/63T Appendix 1) and works certificate is issued with each Bomb. This certificate gives the results of hydraulic testing under a pressure no 300 atmospheres (4400p.s.i) maintained for a period of ten minutes without sign leakage. The maximum deformation must not exceed the specified limits.


The vessel is made of copper and is chromium plated or S.S. includes a Bomb Support that Ensures proper positioning of Bomb in the vessel.


The water container of jacket is made of copper and is chromium plated both inside outside and S.S. The top is closed by an ebonite cover. A terminal block is fitted to the top container so that connection can be made from the control.


The stirring mechanism supplied gives sufficient turbulence for effective stirring whilst no heat imparted to the calorimeter water. It consists of an impeller stirrer driven at a constant speed of approximately 800 r.p.m. The offset arrangement whereby the motor drives the impeller via a bell precludes any possibility of heat transference between motor and calorimeter vessel contents.

Accessories Are :-

  • Pressure valve (Oxygen Cylinder Gas Regulator) – 1pcs
  • Spanner – 1pcs
  • Valve key – 1pcs
  • Connecting rubber pipes (one small and one big)- 2pcs
  • Pressure gauge with stand- 1pcs
  • Tablet making machine with die & mould- 1 set
  • Connecting cord- 1 set
  • Temperature sensor -1pcs
  • Microprocessor Digital control and firing unit- 1pcs
  • Motorized Stirrer -1pcs
  • SS Calorimeter with Bakelite lid -1pcs
  • Copper Inner Jacket -1pc
  • Rubber ‘O’ ring (big & small) – 6 pcs
  • Nichrome wire (10mtr.) – 1 roll
  • Ignition threads (15mtr.) – 1 roll
  • S.S. Bomb Vessel With S.S. Crucible- 1 set
  • Pressure release Nut- 1pcs
  • Safety valve with stand (with extra accessories)- 1 set
  • Rubber tube for connecting Bomb Vessel For Filling Gas- 1set
  • Benzoic acid -50gm
  • Operation manual – 1 file(26pages)
  • CD for Installation Software in computer or laptop 1 CD

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