Anaerobic Culture Jar

(with Lid having Vacuum Cum Pressure Gauge etc.) + Plain Lid + Accessories Like: Test Tube Stand, Petri DishStand but W/O gas pack & Tablet


Anaerobic Culture Jars play a crucial role in microbiological research by creating a controlled environment without oxygen. These specialized containers provide the ideal conditions for cultivating anaerobic microorganisms, which cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. By maintaining anaerobic conditions, scientists can study and grow various anaerobes, gaining valuable insights into their behavior, metabolism, and potential applications.

Features of Anaerobic Culture Jar

• For any experiment that must be conducted in a completely oxygen-free environment, anaerobic jars are the way to go.
• The body, flange, and lid are all made of seamless stainless steel, guaranteeing years of dependable service.
• The use of a compound gauge (manometer) takes the guesswork to monitor the cycle process.
• The convenience of one knob for closing the lid makes this product easy to use.
• Stainless steel plate rack with a sachet container for a gas pack.

Advantages of Using Anaerobic Culture Jar

• Facilitates the growth of Anaerobic Microorganisms
• Accurate Representation of Natural Conditions
• Preservation of Sensitive Anaerobes
• Consistent and Reproducible Results
• Reduced Contamination Risks
• Simplified Experimental Setup
• Real-time Observation
• Versatile in Research Applications

Applications of Anaerobic Culture Jar

• Medical Research
• Environmental Studies
• Industries

Top Anaerobic Culture Jar Manufacturers

Microsil India is one of the renowned Anaerobic Culture Jar Manufacturers. Their products are known for their reliability and precise control of anaerobic conditions, making them a popular choice among researchers worldwide.

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