Dry Bath Incubator

A dry bath incubator, also known as a dry block heater or thermal cycler, is laboratory equipment used for the controlled heating and cooling of samples. It consists of a metal block with holes to hold small tubes or microplates, where samples are placed for incubation at a specific temperature. Unlike traditional water bath incubators, dry bath incubators do not require water for temperature regulation, hence the name “dry.”

How it works

A Dry Bath Incubator consists of a heating element that warms the metal blocks to the desired temperature. These metal blocks serve as heat reservoirs that efficiently transfer heat to the samples placed in the wells or tubes on the block. The user can select the desired temperature on the instrument’s control panel, and the heating element will maintain that temperature by adjusting the power output.


Precise temperature control: Dry bath incubators offer accurate and stable temperature control, ensuring the samples are maintained at the desired temperature throughout the incubation period.

1. Time-efficient: Dry bath incubators have rapid heating and cooling capabilities, allowing for quick temperature changes, which is especially useful for applications that require multiple temperature cycles, such as PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction).
2. Space-saving: Due to their compact design, dry bath incubators take up less space in the laboratory compared to larger water bath systems.
3. User-friendly: These devices are easy to operate, making them suitable for routine laboratory work.


1. PCR amplification: The most common application of dry bath incubators is in PCR, a widely used molecular biology technique for amplifying DNA segments.
2. Enzyme reactions: Dry bath incubators are used to perform various enzymatic reactions that require specific and stable temperatures.
3. DNA denaturation and hybridization: They are also used in denaturation and hybridization processes in molecular biology experiments.
4. Sample preparation: Dry bath incubators are employed in various sample preparation steps, including enzyme inactivation, cell culture maintenance, and sample thawing.

Dry Bath Incubator Manufacturers

Microsil India is the leading manufacturer of dry-bath incubators. We are an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 13485:2016 certified company. We give importance to R&D, and we provide technical support after sales. These points make us a trusted brand for Dry Bath Incubator manufacturers.

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