About us

About us
Linco Scientific Instrument & Chemical Pvt.Ltd. is one of the leading independent manufacture & supplies of Heating and Refrigeration Equipment and all type of Lab Equipment for Educational Institutions, Research & Industries. Our High Quality Research Equipment and Apparatus encompass almost all areas of Science applications.

Linco Scientific Instrument & Chemical Pvt.Ltd was established in 1964 and has grown into one of india’s leading Science manufacturing unit for laboratory. Equipment Where we offer comprehensive and diverse product rang by an experienced and committed staff and management team providing competitive prices for our customers.
Linco scientific Instrument &Chemical Pvt.Ltd. is emerging as a renowned company by demonstrating the rare resilience & fortitude to cater their need by providing scientific Solution.

We are in manufacturing of scientific laboratory equipment for nearly three decades. Our workshop is fully equipped with modern and latest machines and equipment with a dedicated team of experts for quality control at every step.

In the end, I sincerely thank all patrons and clients for their indulgent co-operation by assuring that all enquiries and valued order will recieve our best and prompt attention.
Pankul Singhal (CEO)
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About the owner of the company
“Shri Gopal Singal” is the founder of the Microsil India Pvt. Ltd., an ISO-certified company. He expertly manages the company’s resources to produce and sell a wide range of high-quality instruments at reasonable prices. Our company has now reached the peak of success because of his sharp business experience and skills, deep industry expertise, and principled approach to the workplace. He has always inspired us to go above and beyond for our customers by guaranteeing only the highest standards of quality in our products and services.

Work Culture:

We are consistently working out of the box to bring creative products and customize solution for laboratory professional to bring ease to their everyday lab routines. With over staff of 50 employee’s.

Customer Service & Support:

We have you covered with an experienced, knowledgeable and responsive service & technical support team. We have dedicated engineers to educate & train your team on how to operate the equipment.

Delivery :

We ensure the product to be delivered on time for which we keep the most demanding and routine products always in our stock for immediate supply.

Reliable Cooperation:

We always believe that trusted relationship with customers plays pivotal role to gain insight on how we improve our products to better fill their needs.

Microsil India Pvt. Ltd. is the most reliable and trustworthy company. The company is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 13485:2016 certified. When it comes to the creation and distribution of our products and services, we follow all applicable regulations as responsible citizens.

Research and Development

The primary focus at Microsil India Pvt. Ltd. is on R&D. With the help of our skilled technical staff, we strive to create cutting-edge innovations that give our clients a competitive edge in their respective industries.

The following steps are the foundation of our product development process:

  • Extensive analysis and research lead to the creation of goods by means of cutting-edge machinery and equipment.
  • Developing and delivering a product or service that is tailored to the client’s unique needs and industry.
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A large clientele base

The pharmaceutical industry and pathological laboratories, research laboratories, colleges & universities, the agricultural sector, Government Research Centers & Industries, and Many More Purchase Equipment from Microsil India PVT LTD. The quality and reliability of our products have earned us a strong reputation in the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to quickly satisfy customers and send them high-quality products wherever they are in the world. We do this by using modern shipping methods and manufacturing standards.

Our Vision

With hard work, dedication to our “value system,” and the highest ethical standards, we will become an industry leader and respected brand.

Our core values
  • We place a premium on listening to our clients and acting on their suggestions.
  • Always doing what we say we’re going to do, never lying to our investors or customers. Our Fair Business Practices are leading to the strengthening of all our business associations.
  • For many years, we have worked hard to earn the confidence and trust of all of our stakeholders, and that has paid off in terms of our ability to consistently deliver on their expectations.
  • We make an effort to learn about emerging market tendencies and cutting-edge product developments so that we can better serve our customers.
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